I guess I owe an explanation for the sudden, almost week-long absence. To myself, anyways.

Because sis hates to walk/wait-for-dad-to-pick-us-up alone, I had to stay after with her every single day save friday. I didn't necessarily have to stick around to see her rehearse (most of the time I was in the art room working) but it was still very very tiring. The bus ride home was another irritating factor. At that point I constantly feel like sleeping or at least contemplating quietly... but lately a bunch of assholes and girls with annoyingly high-pitched voices were with me and that was completely counterproductive. The assholes for being... well, just that. The girls because their voices were giving me a headache; I could have cared less about their mundane conversation about nail polish. Then there's the research project for Miller's class, which has given me eye strain to an extreme extent. While reading at the UNLV library, for instance, I was mid paragraph when I started seeing dark spots. Luckily, they passed.

I've been avoiding a lot of people and have neglected to say a lot of things this past week. In fact, this entire past week I dedicated to escapism; listening to music, reading, drawing, feigning joy, etc. when I really should be working on schoolwork. The extreme researching I've been doing has also been another large distractiong. Hell, even just now I'm listening to my Christina Aguilera CD at full blast, only turning it down to watch the new Kylie Minogue video. And there's no one I want to discuss my current dilemmas with, because everyone knows everyone else. It's a pity that I don't have a friend who is detached from my other ones so they wouldn't have a semi-biased opinion.

I'm slowly regressing back into a state of apathy. Or at least the need for complete disassociation.

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