I'm happy to say that I got into John Mayer before his video started getting heavy rotation on MTV and VH1... albeit that was only four months before his video debut (not much of a timespan) and the main reason I caught his name in the first place was looking for a particular Sarah McLaughlin CD when I happened to spot a pretty face on a nicely-designed CD cover.

Yes, I'm one of those people that actually do judge by the CD cover first. Who isn't? But, it isn't the guy's nice looks that held my attention; he has talent with the guitar and voice. Something Will would have (and be all the more sexier) if he had the lung capacity to belt out some notes. Or be as much of a cunning linguist against the strings of a guitar. And for once, I'm not ticked that he is getting popular.

Hmm... Three good artists (DMB, Ben Folds, John Mayer) all produced by the same guy... Figures, I guess.

I've been progressively cheerful today (despite... everything) so I might actually call people tomorrow. Given that a) they haven't left for lunch or church and b) I haven't left for the Incubus concert.

Signs of recovery from slump: drew back the shutters in my room to let the sunlight in, made my bed, took two showers even though I didn't plan on going out, cleaned up the mess on the dining table (sis and I converted it into our pseudo-painting studio) complete with wood-polishing, cut some roses from the mass of bright colors in the backyard garden and arranged it into some sort of spherical shape, completing the French/antique theme of half of the living room, played around with a red-colored light bulb.

Plausible causes for recovery: Incubus concert at Mandalay Bay tomorrow, including Hoobastank, so I'm a happy camper in that respect, John Mayer specials on MuchMusic and VH1, the heavy rotation of Our Lady Peace, John Mayer, and figuring out "Kissing You" on the piano. All music related.

Now all I have to do is clear off the coffee table and I shall be fully contented.

Can't help but feel a bit guilty for feeling better while several of my friends are feeling worse. (::sends a hug down Karen's way::)

Parents brought home some Jack-In-the-Box (note: never ever get the ground beef selections, but the chicken's always safe) and spoils from the new Filipino store the parents found recently.


Cracked up on an episode of "Who's Line is it Anyways?" During a game of 'Who's Line...' Colin, in all of his gladiator mystique: "And we will go out into the arena where the emperor will come forth and say... 'Hi, my name is Bill and I like tight panties'... Well, put them on."

Helped sis take photos for her own self-portrait assignment. Currently setting up Marcy's own photo-shoot as Artemis. There's an Advantex camera still wrapped in its silver packet on the kitchen counter for tomorrow. Everything is photographic at the moment.

Still need to touch my sketchbook for an idea or two that's been dancing through my mind. Or possibly a new layout.

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