I'm tired. Boku wa tottemo tsukareta yo.

Japanese was... interesting. In-class reading assignment, Language Fair video-viewing, questions on the time scheduel for the day, Charles' butchering of a good Glay song, Robert's book of Japanese Street Slang (specifically the section on "gei boi" and "shit/enema play"). Also, the poking and prodding of Ben.

Photo was disappointing. I left half my negatives at home. I printed, and the photos were beautiful. But I needed the other set of negatives to complete my assignment. For half an hour I followed Flayve to the Rumors set and witnessed her helping Mr. Born with the banister.

Algebra was boring. But, with Proficiency Testing over, I actually had to pay attention while taking notes.

Spent my lunch staring at Dolphin with DJ. Well, not so much staring but looking at him in a casual, side-ways out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye manner. The boy was almost directly next to me afterall. And I think he knew very well who we were talking about.

Came back to Algebra after lunch to discover that the topic of Mikey and Dolphin's beautiful children had been brought up... huh?

Spent all of Art working on my color-reduction plate. A relief sculpture of the Virgin Mary with the "L'Impiccato" card over her head and "Il Matto" tucked behind her. The first one to finish in my class, so I'm almost ready to work on carving my plate.

At 5:45pm went to the Congressional Art Show reception. Sis didn't place in the top three. The first place was taken by a first year student who has immense talent. I'd be jealous... but I saw his black and white "Manchine" painting. The boy is good with charcoal though. Had some nice Belgian coffee and sat on a bench under a faux London streetlight. Sis said I looked like a snobby aristocrat; I had worn all black for the occasion which was really more casual than expected. I guess expecting caviar and champagne was too much in the first place.

Want to know the reasons why? XY:Raw. The latest Issue. Page 101.

I'm tired.

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