It's been one of those days.

Japanese: Easy as hell. Boring as hell. Only interesting thing to note was that Kimi wore a skirt.

Photo: Printed. Then helped Lauren a bit with her English homework which everyone is getting killed by (including me). Found out I got an honorable mention for the photo contest I entered.

Algebra: Test.

Lunch: Ackward discussions and a spilt bottle of Diet Pepsi.

Art: More carving and printing.

APC: Getting fucking tired of the easily distracted members. DeeDee can really take charge of things... which she tends to do so much more often since Ms. President can't keep her in check, and it's been getting annoying... and I sometimes feel that we two are the only ones who can keep our focus the entire meeting... scratch that, her mind wandered a bit too.

Choir: Disappointed that Sarah wasn't there. Sang old songs.

And I'm within two seconds of being convicted with murder; sister's cause of death: strangulation. I have rope. I am close. So fucking close. She's completely ungrateful and, as much as I'd love to teach her a lesson on self responsibility, pop always steps in to cheer her up.

Serious doubts on her survival skills in the future. It's all because she's had it easy until we started school at LVA. She didn't have to suffer the torments of other kids in elementary and middle school. She didn't have to be strong. And now she's paying for it.

And I do too. I have to hear her bitching, moaning, groaning, etc. Come college I'll relish somewhat the tie I severe with her. I'm tired of favors. I really am.

Score: 47

just... fucking... stop.

or i'll be forced to stockpile arsenic again.

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