So yes, the winds today reached as strong as 90mph. One particular intersection, flanked in three corners by vacant lots, was caught in a particularily strong gust of wind producing a visibility of five feet and a pillar of dust reminiscent of the biblical pillar of fire. And yes, we had to drive through it.

Today was lack-luster at best, but what else can one expect on a monday? English was spent taking practice proficiency tests in preparation for the next two days of testing. World History found me nodding off while being kept awake by Claire's continued poking and prodding. Chemistry was wrought with disturbing images of Mrs. B scuba diving, questions about seeming normality, Taylor accidently playing footsy with me, and Marcy's offer to pose for a photo shoot. Lauren was absent for all because she herself was being photographed for a senior art student's compilation of erotica photographia. During art I became frustrated with my chine collage and promptly take it out on Lizzy who, to my frustration and partial annoyance, has grown progressively needy and eccentric. Normally eccentricity is something to be applauded when there is some sort of code of action... but Lizzy has more or less none. I was a lil bit ticked at her earlier when she erased Hesse's name from a quote I wrote on Hoffman's board and put her's. Insulted? Yes.

Tomorrow my scheduel is completely awry.

Currently trying to design a new pattern to put to henna on my hands. Yes, I know I should be in bed at this moment.

I'm happy for Sarah. She and her boy seem to be very blissful, and I envy her luck. Yes, you must introduce him to us sometime.

Travis, political enemy of Justin and Nick, has been expelled from school. Hopefully the clique dynamic of PA won't be drastically shifted. I've been more or less successful in preventing association of myself into any of the given sides (I've already clearly stated that the club is more important than who runs it) and, without Travis' strongly voiced opinions, nominations for officers for next year seem to be almost one sided. A bit dictatoral if you ask me... yet I'm a bit afraid of the opposition and possible nasty situations if I do decide to run against Justin for President. Damned group politics.

... I think I will go to bed now.

... oh? We're at #1100 already? My how time flies.

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