What the hell, I'm on a roll. The following was ripped off of D-Lo's (aka. Eric) OD.

Overanalyze the following words, and tell what they mean to you:

Beauty - Equilibrium. People who are beautiful (including the duality of physical and personal qualities) have attained a sort of balance and it is apparent in all that they do. Attraction goes without saying... but psychological beauty is harder to define. It's not something some one would say: "Oh, his analytical make-up is gorgeous!" Depends on one's taste concerning the different complications which create the individual human persona.

Change - Something I have far too much of. I have an entire bowl of 10 cent or lower coins that I don't touch because four of any doesn't give you enough to buy a soda at school. Sis had one of those Coke bottle coin banks filled, but then she took it into a CoinStar and got almost all of her $22 back. Several dollars were with-held for handling costs. Wish I had the perserverance she has to maintain such a menial task. Not to mention the very weight of the damned thing as she lugged it into the grocery store.

Music - A very potent catalyst. Perhaps one of the first signs of abstract thought and aestheticism developed by man. Unless one is born deaf, everyone will have a reaction to music. Be it strong or weak, negative or energetic. I could continue, but there're others.

Clouds - It still amazes me how interesting clouds really are. Not so much looking at them to try to find shapes and figures, but examining their movements; the near-liquid pattern of fluid motion as clouds tumble over eachother. On days where there are whisps of clouds, I always notice how I can see the smaller clouds as quick shadows across my pillow when the sun shines behind.

Death - Don't be concerned with the afterlife. We can never be sure. Death is not final. Memory transcends death not in the originator of thought, but in those whom they have influenced. Death is inevitable. Death cannot be escaped. "Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives time value. Without death, we would have too much of it..."

Sunset - Boulevard. Seriously, sunsets are nice and pretty (more so in AZ thanks to the thicker layer of pollution) but I look forward to the twilight.

Bricks - Industrial. Buildings of bricks almost give one a sense of temporary residence, or at least hasty construction. Not at all attractive. Tile, on the other hand, is a different matter...

Mirror - An instrument whose use determines the onlooker's attitude. Haven't shattered any or turned myself to stone, but my history with the pane of glass over a reflective surface hasn't been one of easy comfort.

Flower - Innocence. "Pretty." A vagina. Blame the V-Day programing for that last one.

Dream - Wish I had more. Or remembered more. Dreams have power. Not so much those dreams which only the unconcious have the key to, but also the Dreamers with imaginations. Dream is a synonym for imagination. Afterall, one's life dream is often times the single motivation they will receive in constant measure throughout their life.

Eyes - If I had the courage to peer into them more, I may have more to say. But I do not.

Laughter - Essential. Those who do not laugh are not human. Even if it is the sadistic, cereal-killer cackle, any laugh is still better than none.

Water - Womb. Main reason why I enjoy swimming and long showers; the feeling of warmth and the reduction of energy needed to maintain one's posture. Baths... I have issues with bathtubs. Mainly that they are all too small... Obscene references to Dune, the "Water of Life" and all, or the product of the Vagina Monologues? You be the judge.

Sign - Horoscopes? Not really into them. Driving signals? Essential. Signs are short cuts to understanding. Instead of memorizing exactly when to turn, we can look to a streetpost and read the sign that tells us where we are.

Stars - Too few in this city. The lights of down town literally drown out all the small ones. Only in Sedona, on a school camping trip, was I able to see what a true cluster of stars in the sky looks like. And streetlights.

Sand - Mainly the beach, although I don't go very often. But also the progression of time as grains proceed to fall from one end of the hour glass to the other.

Dogs - They're pets. Potentially cute, potentially annoying. Not needed per se, but welcome flavoring to the meal of life.

Life - A chance to feel emotion.

Bridge - I remember how the year that the Bridges of Madison County won an Oscar, I stopped looking to hollywood for absolutely all of my filmss.

Feather - ::insert incessant references to FF8-10::

Voice - The core of human communication. A tool and a skill with the most potentially efficient means of transfering ideas short of telepathy.

Blue - Blue's Clues, Steve, and wonder where he went. Or one of Picasso's "periods."

Knowledge - "You go to school to get the joke."

Snow - Wish I had more. The only snow I've ever seen fall were hard and coarse, almost hail. But soft snow is amazing.

Glass - Transleucent. You can trust its contents, but not necessarily its presentation. (i.e. the mirrors in fun houses)

Pride - A virtue and curse I'm reluctant to admit. But thanks to PA, I hear Pride and I think something GLBT-related.

Age - Only a marker for progress. Actual progress is not noticed.

Friendship - As Eric said: "It's like two inner-tubes in an ocean. You can hold on to each other, but still float away without control."

Lobster - Expensive dinner. Can't say elegant because the consumption of lobster requires one to get down and dirty with the meaty tail.

Tree - Strength. Not completely sturdy, but not rigid enough to cease growing.

Heat - Comfort, familiar, sanguine. My oven-temperature room puts me to sleep everytime.

Difference - It keeps life interesting.

Pillow - I have too many. Six regular pillows (two of which are extra fluffy) and a body pillow. I need my cushioning dammit.

Hill - Under the stars, overlooking some portion of the neighborhood, and there's a picnic blanket on the cool grass. A blanket over us too, but we were able to keep eachother warmer.

Mom - The propaganda technique of using the mother to familiarize a product works. Mom = Home.

Love - A word too often taken for granted, impossible for the impatient to find, and the word whose meaning has been raped beyond comprehension.

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