"You see, that's the thing. People who are 'hot' never last. 'Cute' only lasts a little longer. And 'beautiful' lasts for a long time." -Falvey

Today was wrought with unrest. Technically speaking it began at 12:00am last night where I attempted to go to bed. However, much twisting, turning, contemplating, etc. deprived me of precious unconciousness. Only had two hour's worth of sleep once the panges of aches in my head stopped. And the twisting and gnawling of the sheets.

Came to school only to face a tedious math proficiency test. Second one finished, didn't even have to touch the provided scratch paper. Giving me... 80 minutes of free time. Free time with the restrictions of sleep or reading. Boredom.

Quick World History class. Mainly the packet for the chapter with questions, helping Lauren cope with her hunger/caffiene pains, witnessing Joey turning Eric a bright shade of crimson.

Half of chemistry was spent trying to figure out exactly what we were suppose to be doing. The other half was spent not paying attention and passing "general knowledge" trivia tests to eachother across the table. Yes, it's hard to pay attention to a teacher I don't respect much.

Art was spent trying to manipulate my tarot cards, a relief of the virgin Mary, a Neko Cat, and Mah Jong tiles into some feasible composition. Finally, sans all except the Mary and tarot, I was successful.

Brief NHS meeting afterschool followed by a disappointing APC meeting. The club means well, but a) president Mica is as easily distracted as everyone else b) the plans for an Asian Pacific Festival afterschool sounds a bit over-the-top and pretentious. I tried pursuading DeeDee that the small quad area in Knapp was more than enough space, but she was adamant and stubborn per usual.

Got picked up, ate at Buffet Asia, went home, got ready for choir practice, fell asleep, woke up generally apathetic with the urge to be handcuffed.


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