Sadies was tonight. It was great.

Before Sadies, dad had to pick up his "boyfriend" (read: sis' godfather and his best friend) from the airport. He kept on taking the wrong exits, so we went in circles for a good fifteen minutes. Afterwards a quick dinner at Pinoy Pinay with the uncle, and then reliving memories over warm pandesal.

Then got to school. Doug was waiting along with Bri and her friend, so I quickly trotted up and said hi and stuff. Went inside (where Eisen took the tickets; she gave me a nice eyebrow lift when I had to explain to her that "he's with me") and went to sit at a table.

Doug does not dance. It's kinda sad, but he was seriously stiff; no flexibility what so ever. So I took it upon myself to take up the challenge, to teach Doug the essentials of highschool dancing: slow dancing, freaking, swinging, and the time warp. At the beginning of the night I (and several other people) had to literally pull him up by the arms and drag him around. By the end he was actually dancing of his own accord. I'm so proud of lil Douglas.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to get into his pants. So there! :P

Other highlights: Mr. Jackson being a souther baptist minister marrying Wendy, Kate, and Ben at the same time ("Can I get a loud'n'rowdy 'yeehaw'? YEEHAW!"), Chris dancing to Grease Lightning, all the N'Sync songs, and the Macarena with perfect dance steps (usual dance major), Gere breaking up all the people freak-dancing during a 5-song hump-a-thon, Auki and Tyler going as bondage cowboy/girl (and winning the costume contest), and a line of guys I know singing YMCA with the headdresses on. Hah.

Other good news: Jyl's not dead.

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