Today, after school, and for some odd reason, I was prancing around the art room with a bowler hat on, white paper attached to my collar (I looked like a priest), and singing and dancing showtunes while waving around my (opened) umbrella.

I'm singing like I'm gay! Yes, singing like I'm gay!
Hear the showtunes come out of my mouth everyday!


Today was a very special day (har har). People need to loosen up far more often than they do already. Yeesh.

Also: I was completely irritated with my airbrush self-portrait (thus making it self-portrait #6 in the past three years) that I was writing "I hate me" and "me should cut me up and burn the left over pieces" on the frisket film already covered in ink. Tony came 'round and asked me why I hated myself, so I had to clarify and say that it was the piece that I wanted to kill.

And I'm not sure if I really was singing "I'm gonna slicey and dicey your facey" aloud.

Big test tomorrow for history... which I don't have to do! That's because I'll end up doing it on Tuesday afterschool (blech) but I get to go to the breakfast for all the science-fair finalists. Yay.

Sis is completely stressing out over homework since she hasn't even touched it yet. Now, I know that I'm fully capable of pulling just about anything out of my ass (metaphorically, idiots) and have it done the night before. Sis, on the other hand... when she procrastinates, she suffers. And because she suffers she whines/breaks down. And because she does all of the above, she takes it out emotionally on the nearest person (read: me). And because of that, I suffer as well.

Loverly chain of events happening here. Blech.

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