Yay! Fridays should be much more like this one!

School was, for the most part, enjoyable and stuff. Lunch was very funny (plenty of mistaken messages). But all the fun-ness happened after the 2:00pm bell.

Here's the short version: Stayed after to help out with the "Love" show, afterwards walked 'round with Christine, Emily, and her friend from Californy, Aaron. Ended up walking from school to the Sahara casino (about 3 miles), taxi'd to Treasure Island to drop Aaron off with his parents, walked to the Venetian and ate a short dinner, driven by Athenas to the other arts show (the one off campus with much inappropriate material) and chatted with the art teachers, then back to Treasure Island to pick Aaron back up before heading to the movies and then home.

Now for the details.

The Celebration of People show was rehearsing while the art show was happening, so we got a lot of loud loud music. Mrs. Alford stopped by after the rehearsal was done and looked at a bunch of the pieces.

Emily's friend Aaron (who seems suspiciously closer to Emily than she'll readily profess) was very lickable... erm, like-able. Yes. AND he's a natural redhead so that's +1000pts.

Mary was at the show, so I thanked her again for her help during Holiday Market and she picked my piece as her favorite for the entire show. Yay-ness.

Tori and I discussed much bizarre slash pairings.

While walking for three miles, everyone sang Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and RHPS songs either off-key or extremely well (all things considered).

Emily found a bottle that someone pissed in, so she mailed it in the Fed-Ex mailbox.

We were going to go check out the Attic (vintage clothing store where I could get much for only having $100-odd dollars) but instead Aaron needed to walk back to his hotel where his parents were staying.

At the other arts show (Keri, Katie, and Camille's) there was a lot of cool pieces and stuff. Emily got a fake tattoo of a skull and cross bones just above her cleavage, and the pics I took made her look dead. She was happy.

Also chatted with the different art teachers (all three minus Ms. Koch) and, with the aid of Mrs. Michaels' gay friend, my career as a drag queen is set. Except, I'm not a "Coco;" I am a "Chastity!"

Bit Emily a total of five times (twice leaving actual puncture marks, but not deep enough to tell that they were done by human teeth).

Athenas was our main driver, but she was complaining about how hard it is to drive while wearing a corset.

While picking up Aaron again, we had to run up to his room so he could pack stuff, and much picture was taken. Athenas and Christine wandered the seemingly endless hallways.

Daredevil is a great movie; it's the best Catholic thriller since the Exorcist. And there's a lil formula to the movie: only the Catholic characters come out relatively well. Hint hint.

Anyways, just got back home about ten minutes ago. G'nighty then.

Oh! And have a happy, belated Singles Awareness Day!

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