Aw crap, too late to do the whole Day of Silence thing.

I hate it when I'm so overwhelmed that the outside world just doesn't matter anymore.

And on a side note: people who believe that they have human nature pinned down, and are able to conform it into one neat maxim, should be shot.

The funny thing about human nature is that there really isn't one specific type (hah! look! I should be shot!). If people point out these so-called truths, they deprive others of the learning experiences needed to not only discover them for themselves, but to cement such a concept into their minds.

Anything not learned from experience will definitely never be a fully understood concept.

Now to add to my further hypocrisy with another saying: to be a hypocrit is to be human.

Blech. Christine and I had an entire discussion about that subject before science fair (we were waiting inside the lounge area of the UNLV library talking... and coincidentally the only other people in that area were couples) and we agreed that people are too analytical.

Not that there's anything wrong with being analytical (or anal-retentive for that matter) since digesting information like statistics requires immense thought.

However... when it comes to arenas of abstract and philosophical thought, it's best to just leave it the hell alone. Or at least not mention it and avoid appearing like an over-bearing asshole.

And yes, I'm referring to one specific asshole. No, it's not the one everyone thinks he is (although that particular boy fits the asshole mold in another fashion).

But these are just my opinions.

Goddamn coffee... I should just skip the teeth-staining two-pot night sessions and invest in caffiene pills or injections.

Evil evil evil Fauvism. Thank lordy that movement died off quickly.

And I have oil pastel. Specifically my oil pastel piece. You know, the one that's effing huge with a subject matter that I could care less about. Yeah, that one.

At least my scholarship application is filling out nicely. All I need to do now is get a copy of dad's last paycheck (easy enough since he pays himself) and decide whether to stuff everything into a business envelope or get one of those full-page manila packets.

"There's always decisions."

It was grandma's 79th birthday today. We had the uncle and family (sans Joe) come over to eat, watch Iron Chef reruns, and laugh/ridicule American Idol. I was in my room most of the time working on that stupid Huckleberry Finn painting for english.

Enough rambling for one night. I should stop right here.

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