Calfs still sore/cramping.

Listening to Phantom Planet. Well, not just listening. I have the good ol' electric next to me, and am attempting to play along. The tabs I got for the songs (namely "Lonely Day") aren't all that awesome (or accurate) so I'm feeling a bit swindled.

Speaking of, Ash is headlining a tour of the US! One problem, they're not coming to Las Vegas. Damn... I wanna see my Ash play here, dammit! I don't want to see them while stuck in that rather lathargic crowd of Coldplay fans (not to disregard Coldplay, but they're type of music requires a concert with seats). People, "Jesus Says" needs to be moshed to!

Sprayed some masonite gold in the backyard today since I need to finish that painting that I kinda... um, slashed into repeatedly. At least it's not on a canvas, otherwise it'll never be salvagable(?). You've got to love that nice, Byzantine ground showing through.

I have a date for Prom. Well, a friend date (again). Hopefully it won't be like Winter Formal of this year.

Wendy: "Yeah, I had to tell all my friends that my date to Winter Formal was complaining the entire time that he didn't have a MAN to dance with!"

Looks like I'll be wearing the same get-up from that dance for this one too. Hey, if anyone's interested, I'm taking candidates for next year's prom date. Any takers?

Submitted my scholarship application for the RISD pre-college program. Hopefully my dad's salary won't knock me out of the possible candidates. But watch, I still get a partial scholarship for my talent. Well, if you could call $20 a scholarship.

I should probably start doing actual school work (which I am, if you count the painting) but at least food's not being a bothersome issue.

Three ducks were having a threeway by the lake again. Flashbacks of late-8th Grade. ::shudder::

And no, Flavey, that one time did NOT count! If I can't remember anything, then it isn't worth the tally.

Am I making any sense anymore? Tendency to babble on and on...

I'll stop.

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