It's a little past 11pm at the moment, and I've had so much time to actually work on all the homework I should be tackling. I've been complaining for weeks (months?) on end that I have too much stuff to do, and now I finally have a bit of breathing room.

So what am I doing at the moment? Searching for Japanese emo songs. Yes ladies and gents, JAPANESE EMO. And it actually exists. And it's actually good. Scout's honor.

Went to school today. I really didn't have to. Today, only the sophomores attended school to take their proficiency tests. The non-proficient juniors and seniors came as well. Why did I go to school? There was an AP review session for history, and we took a mock-AP test. I scored a low five! Which means that if my essays aren't shite, I can manage a high composite score easily!

Was shocked by all the information I managed to retain.

Afterwards went to art and made a general mess while working on my oil pastel piece. Damned textured ground... I swear, working 32" x 40" with a medium that I do not like is hazardous for the environment. I ended up sweeping the pastel shavings from the floor with a large brush since the broom was indisposed (the janitors stole it), and then washing the area over with turpentine so I could really get the little buggers off of the linoleum. Newspaper's the way to go, kiddos.

Also had some interesting food. During a break in the review session, I went and bought a diet Coke and a caesar chicken pesto sandwhich. For being school-bought, it was rather good. Kloster was surprised that I could down the whole thing in under five minutes. Hah, she should see me at a buffet.

At least I don't have anything concrete due tomorrow. Just another busy (innane?) session of taking notes, followed by some slacked classtime in Japanese, then the more so lax Physics class (and he's teaching Calculus AP next year? ech) followed by the oil pastel goodness of Art!

Randy was going hypoglycemic yesterday in Japanese and went out during the middle of class to by a Dr. Pepper so his hand would stop shaking. Then he tried to talk me into wearing a big sumo wrestler outfit so we could do a skit together. Um... how about not?

Tried instead to sing a song from the Koko wa Greenwood vocal collection, but I couldn't remove the singing track successfully.

So instead, I plan to sing some J-Emo. Isn't it nice that I can make things so circuituous?

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