Jeezy Chreezy, I think half of my friends suffer from nihilism, and the other half are figments of my own imagination. o.0

In other news, everyone should be happy for Karen! It's her First One Hundred Days today... erm, yesterday?

I want to be more like Ender. Or Bean even. Eh, yeah, Bean would definitely be better. Or Leto II.

And for the love of all things secular, PLEASE DO NOT PREACH TO ME, YOU MINDLESS IDIOT!

If I need a lesson in living my life, I'd trust Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul to teach me more than you could with your inflexible standards.

People accuse me of being picky... yeesh.

Yeah, today hasn't been the peachy day it definitely wasn't going to be.

"I could tell from the minute that I woke up that it's going to be another lonely, lonely lonely day."
-Phantom Planet (swoon!)

On a completely inappropriate tangent: the roses that grow in the backyard do not become fragrant until after they start decaying.

They're fertilizing the front law of school, so the entire bottom hall of Main building (aka. the Art hallway) wreaks. Luckily Adrienne plucked a rose from the Knapp quad area and let me sniff it all class long so I wouldn't have to smell the stench. Blech.

Karen pointed out that a vein in my right eye had ruptured.

Damn... I hate stress.

"You see, you don't act like the bad-gays; you're a good-gay. Like, how I can't stand (insert name here) because he's just annoying, but you're not annoying.

... I still hate you and Matt and Christine for being obnoxious during the post-Linkin Park driving."


... even though that event was almost a year ago. Yeesh, it's been over a year already? Well, the old saying was true after all: bad habits die hard.

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