Just a few random thoughts:

The new Christina Aguilera video is awesome. The song is awesome. But the video and the song at the same time... no; they're far too different. However, it's nice to see that Malice-Mizer-esque music videos are slowly trickling into the US mainstream. You've got to love the Madonna's-Vogue-esque baroque outfit as she's stuck onto the wall.

Ever since the demise of Smashing Pumpkins, I've been hard-pressed to find really artistic music videos. But recently they've been getting better. Like AFI's newest video (live action with an actress donning a scary, full-head Rei mask) that continue's STP's tradition of freaky yet cute midget creatures of death.

(side note: Sarah Michelle Gellar was awesome in the "Sour Girl" video)

Pulled out the old DDR pad today. Definitely rusty; my legs aren't as fast as they were six months ago. And, to twist the knife a bit harder, my legs cramped up in the middle of the session, so I didn't achieve my goal. Erch.

I'm surprised that people haven't realized that cannibalism was common-place in pre-history. Go Neil Gaiman.

Re-read Ender's Game to spite sis (she needs to read it for her American Lit. class). Caught on several things that I didn't realized the first time around. Now I have to go get the rest of the series thus far.

At Borders, where I bought a(nother) sketchbook, the latest issue of Art in America, and Mark Merlis' An Arrow's Flight (more on the book later), the lady at the counter gave me this bizarre look and told me that I was going to recieve a special surprise and slipped something in the bag. Um...sure. Later, I look inside and it's a Las Vegas Firemen calendar.

At least I finally got a new calendar to replace the Jude Law one. Ah, the memories.

So anyway, today I spent most of my time reading. Finished up Ender's Game (a measly 50 pages left) and am now deeply entrenched in An Arrow's Flight. The book is awesome. Basically, the story should take place during ancient Greece (the story is about Achilles' son, Pyrrhus) but instead it's set in a modern-day Troy a la San Francisco.
"The difference between a prince and the rest of us isn't, of course, the palace and the money. It's that, when a prince is asked what he's going to be when he groes up, he doesn't ahve to fumble for a reply...

Not that Pyrrhus was supposed to be idle. He was exp[ected to master a set of accomplishments of certified inutility: swimming, swordplay, hunting, siring a bastard with the garderner's daughter. The usual diversions of the rural gentry... Worse, as he came of age, he tended to disappear for long intervals, not with the garderner's daughter but with the chauffeur's son."
page 21

Effing hilarious.

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