You knew it was a long time coming: a nice, semi-lengthy survey (curteousy of of Steven ::smooch::).

Series one - General
-- Name: Chuck
-- Birthdate: Feb 2, 1986
-- Birthplace: Mandaluyang, Manila, Philippines
-- Current Location: Las Vegas, NV
-- Eye Color: black-brown
-- Hair Color: black-turning-brown
-- Righty or Lefty: ambi
-- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius w/ a Scorpio moon

series two - Describe
-- Your heritage: filipino, manchuria, portugese (?)
-- The shoes you wore today: uncomfortable "massage" shoes to help dad unload the van of groceries
-- Your hair: growing rather long; it's half an inch past my eyes now
-- Your eyes: brown-black eyes with some odd, natural eye-liner and really long lashes (makes my female friends jealous)
-- Your weakness: occasional bouts of hubris, general apathy, Ewan McGregor, pretty boys
-- Your fears: inadequacy
-- Your perfect pizza: pesto, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, but no tomato sauce
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: finding someone/ someway to break my current streak of apathy

series three ? What is:
-- Your most overused phrase on aim: "doo ti doo"
-- Your thoughts first waking up: "damn, what time is it?"
-- The first feature you notice in the SAME sex: I start with the eyes, then proceed to the lips and 'round the face in a clockwise fashion
-- Your best physical feature(s): um, my eyes? oh, and my lips for being rather "plump" (read: large)
-- Your bedtime: whenever I can get it
-- Your greatest accomplishment: surviving up to this point without delivering mass carnage... seriously? I have no way to gauge that yet, so check back in twenty years
-- Your most missed memory: innocence (which was gone by second grade, thank you very much Mrs. Rice)

series four - You Prefer
-- Pepsi or Coke: diet coke with lemon!
-- McDonald's or Burger King: heh, Jack in the Box
-- Single or group dates: single; it's not fun flaunting your "sig. o." infront of everyone else
-- Adidas or Nike: Vans :P
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: LIPTON, for the love of BOB!
-- Chocolate or vanilla: um... if you're talking in some sort of innuendo connotation, vanilla please
-- Cappuccino or coffee: anything that'll keep me wide-eyed for an extended period of time
-- Boxers or briefs: boxer briefs (please, no black ones)

series five - Do You
-- Smoke: naw, but I get the equivalent from all the incense in my room
-- Cuss: ::blinks:: um, yeah
-- Sing well: adequately
-- Take a shower everyday: two if I can manage it
-- Have a crush(es): the urge comes and goes
-- Who are they: um... let's save that for another rainy day
-- Do you think you've been in love: yes
-- Want to go to college: why not? shouldn't disappoint the parents more than I have already
-- Like high school: only because mine is deprived of a moral majority
-- Want to get married: erm... does there have to be a ceremony? I'm all for finding THE ONE and settling down, just to piss off straight people
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: almost; I don't use my pinkies unless absolutely necessary
-- Think you're a health freak: despite my appreciation for tofu (and not soy-bean health products), I could care less
-- Get along with your parents: yep
-- Play an instrument: piano, guitar, voilin and cello (attempting at best), etc.

series six "in the past 3 months, did/have you"
-- Drank alcohol: just to taste, damn you!
-- Smoked: nope
-- Done a drug: not really
-- Made Out: I wish
-- Gone on a date: (see previous answer)
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: ew... couldn't you mention something more appetizing?
-- Eaten sushi: oh yeah
-- Been on stage: yep
-- Been dumped: uh huh
-- Gone skating: ::winces:: sadly, yess
-- Made homemade cookies: call me Martha Stewart, bitches!
-- Gone skinny dipping: hah... no
-- Dyed your hair: blame the parents for the non-freaky hair
-- Stolen anything: from a store? 'course not. from the sib? 'course.

series seven - Have You Ever
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: yep
-- If so, was it mixed company: I plead the fifth
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: once
-- Been called a tease: only by the female friends after they realize that they've been pining after a gay guy
-- Gotten beaten up: does karate count?
-- Shoplifted: naw
-- Changed who you were to fit in: anything to survive the formative years, yo

series eight - The Future
-- Age you hope to be married: shoot me if I'm 30 and single
-- Numbers and Names of Children: aside from the ones that I'll be eating?... oh wait, I promised Marcy a brat
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: discrete, followed by a drunken orgy/fashion show reception where all my friends quake in fear
-- How do you want to die: fulfilled
-- Where you want to go to college: currently sifting out options, thank you very much
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: ideally I'd be making art (and love) all my adult life, but so far it's leaning towards the architect or graphic artist side
-- What country would you most like to visit: rome/italy and england since I don't have to learn a new language

series nine - SAME Sex
-- Best eye color? no preference, but grey or violet eyes get an extra nod
-- Best hair color? anything dark against pale skin... and natural red-heads are the sexiest thing imaginable
-- Short or long hair?: doesn't matter, as long as I can run my fingers through it
-- Best height: no preference really
-- Best weight: since I'm an idealist, anything between emo-thin and swimmer-build
-- Best articles of clothing: collared shirts and buttons
-- Best first kiss location: whenever/where ever appropriate

series ten - Number Of
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: ~
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: at the moment, 3
-- Number of people that would readily take my life: I can think of a few (mainly half of Arizona)
-- Number of CDs that I own: 50+
-- Number of piercing(s): I'm artificial-hole free
-- Number of tattoo(s): wouldn't know which one I'd like permanently, so none at the moment
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: school paper? multiple times. city paper? once.
-- Number of scars on my body: do I really have to make the effort and look?
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: numerous

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