Ahem. Allow me to take this moment to give a resounding, Matrix-worthy response to the new layout that blogger has created.... Whoa.

I was gonna go bitch about how much I wanted to post stuff on here last night but couldn't since they were overhauling the code, but the newness is really pretty.

Anyways, it's interesting to see how everyone's (barely) surviving the summer removed from physical, real life contact with other friends. It seems like, now that we all have time to breathe since AP/homework is nonexistant (for now), we have the time to be introspective about our actions throughout the past school year.

Or we could be wasting as much time as possible on online quizzes (yay!).

To quote Emily: "god, i'm such a fuckin COW!"

Recently I've had a bad habit of putting up my away message on AIM, and then I accidently fall asleep and leave people hanging for the rest of the night. Right, time to remedy that. I'll keep a pitcher of cold, black coffee in the fridge so if I ever need a wake up call, I'll be sure to drink some and stain my teeth appropriately.

Ack. Sarcasm. Bad bad.

But if you think I'm sarcastic now, be glad that you didn't know me at the end of middle school. At that point I became the king of deadpan sarcasm, so no one could tell if I was being serious or if I was kidding. Damn, no wonder people steered clear of me.

::listens to "It's the End of the World"::

A word to the wise: whenever trying to make a cheese sauce (specifically a parmesan one for some pasta) never ever use skim milk or the pre-grated cheese. They NEVER combine together. Oh, and never try to make that in the microwave since it gets messy. Thanks for the tip, Tyler.

Ran into Matt's ex online. (one of the many...) Hah. That was rather interesting.

I'm still not sure of what I want to paint on that big ol' thing of blanket. I wanted to do something semi-controversial (full on sex), but then I wouldn't be able to include that in next year's solo art show. Now I'm torn between something comical but along the same lines (an image of a rooster and two hand exercise balls entitiled "A Cock and Bull Story") or something similar to the subject but far more subtle. Aye, decision decisions.

In other news, that question that I've been asking friends all summer is getting some interesting responses from the forums at OutMinds.com:
The second fool is jus in denial. I mean you would ahve to believe (even if its on some unconcious level) that love is out there to try and find it. There wouldn't be any motivation. You would want to prove your self wrong because you want to be wrong which would mean that as much as you try to convey the perception that you don't believe in love you actually do.

So with that said I would say the first one is the bigger fool.
Finally! Someone else who agrees with me. Ahem, yes.

And in other news (going back to the whole online quizzes thing):

You are Persephone-
You are Persephone, from "The Matrix."
Tough cookie, you are,
yet there are strains of sadness
and desire that lie beneath you-
of course, you wouldn't want anyone to know.
You're too busy putting up a facade.
What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Time to go clean the house. Oi. And I spilled half of my crushed frankencense on the carpet (along with the corned beef and rice dinner from two nights ago, but different carpeted area) so I have vacuum that one up laboriously. Sigh.

I hate cleaning for house guests.

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