Didn't go for a walk this morning (that's what I'm usually doing at about this time) because my walking outfit is getting washed and my legs need a break before I get (another?) stress fracture.

I should make it a point to feed the birds at the lake (except for the rats-with-wings) whenever I pass by. Even though I'm not really suppose to do that. Community law and all.

Ahem... People shouldn't be so damn squirmy while I'm drawing them nude. Honestly.

I need to stop by a library so I can look through some art books. My mind has hit a rather nasty snag. I'm suppose to have at least 15 pieces done this summer (technically only five, but I have to do 10 more to try to win this $10,000 prize) and I've only completed one. Une. Uno. Ichi. So, instead of a lack of inspiration, I've reached a lack of motivation snag. Boo.

Those are the worst. And it's really hard to get out of them. Like me trying to get out of the whole procrastinating thing last year. Not gonna happen quickly.

So, I need to go looking through books. Except, I've already exhausted the books at Summerlin and Rainbow library. Hmm... ::waves to Karen::

Grandma should learn not to screw around with recipes for the sake of making them "healthy choice." It tends to make them... well, inedible. And she wonders why the family only eats a few of the things that she makes.

(cultural side note: As bad as people in America are about calling generic items by large brand names--like Kleenex instead of tissue--filipinos are worse. We don't restrict our use of brand names to the actual products, but to other items that have similar properties. Like grandma calling any low-fat recipe "Healthy Choice" even though it's not wrapped up in a plastic package and sitting in a grocery freezer somewhere. Or her calling any sauce, be it soy sauce, oyster sauce, or even caramel sauce, by the name "A1.")

I've been listening to my Tori Amos "Spark" single.

And I swear that if my grandma dare annoy me today I will destroy something of hers.

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