HikariHerrsek : I think, just for fun, the chef at French Laundry should put out a barbecue cookbook
starseiya: hmm...
starseiya: oh, speaking of chefs... Jamie Oliver
HikariHerrsek: (French Laundry = Top tier of restaurants in america... They keep track of when you've been there, you don't choose what you eat, they check to see what you've tried and bring you completely new tailored 8-piece courses each time)
starseiya: lemme guess, no set prices as well?
HikariHerrsek: *grin*
HikariHerrsek: you got it.
HikariHerrsek: Eventually, he created a cookbook of all the things he does...
HikariHerrsek: some of the things are just obscene, you'd never make them...
starseiya: like?
HikariHerrsek: (how to properly prepare a boar's head)
starseiya: ... but...
starseiya: ... I've helped uncle do that before
HikariHerrsek: o.O
HikariHerrsek: Okay, the people who buy the cookbook to show it off and maybe try one or two things, would never try that ;)

Followed by...

HikariHerrsek: I'm bored. Wanna sex me up?

Add to that, a typical conversation:

ChildofthyNight: yeah he was the guy i dated
ChildofthyNight: why
starseiya: hrm... does he go to Green Valley?
ChildofthyNight: yep
starseiya: ah, thought I recognized him
starseiya: (going through XY personals to see who I know)
ChildofthyNight: yeah thats how he met his ex
starseiya: it's sad that I know half the guys on the site
ChildofthyNight: just a little
ChildofthyNight: :-D
starseiya: especially since most of them are over 20...
ChildofthyNight: oh well
ChildofthyNight: your 18
starseiya: 17
ChildofthyNight: same thing
starseiya: right
starseiya: except for the whole statutory rape thing
ChildofthyNight: it's close enough and as long as you don't get caught it's all right
starseiya: true true

Oh, and if you want to see a bit of what I've been working on for the art department, go here (warning: graphic intense).

Yeah, I know I'm stalling for time. What else is new?

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