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To quote Mike: "Hey, it's fatty-mcfatfat here."

Fuck comfort food. I want a change. Hell, I'm itching for something new. And that's not a good thing, since last time this feeling came 'round I wanted to sign up for the priesthood just to piss people off.

Can anyone love me like they do in The Secretary?

Friday's concert was well worth the wait. Got loads of aggression off of my chest at the expense of several bruises and severely sore shoulders/ribs. Good Charlotte didn't disappoint their fans by playing half of their set using their old songs. So not sell outs. Then New Found Glory's singer Jordan got ticked off when security guards pounced on this kid half their size, so he and the other band members dropped instruments, ran off stage, and tried to pry security off of the kid. There were riot police at every exit. It was awesome.

Except for that asshole guy who squeezed me out of the front. I got back at him by trapping his nipple against the rail for all of MXPX. Take that, bitch.

My poster assignment sucks. I don't want to do it, but I'm halfway finished so I might as well proceed.

Tyler from CA should come to his senses and do what Em and the others told him to do.

Thinking of asking Adam out... next year. Since we both don't drive (yet) and he lives all the way in Green Valley... yeah. Not gonna happen.

For once I wish life was a bit like The Bold and The Beautiful. In those shows, no matter who the character there's always at least one person who loves/lusts them. Example: Brad loves Janet, but Janet doesn't love him, she loves Frank; Frank doesn't love Janet, but he loves Brad who only has eyes for Janet. At least that way there's one person who likes me emotionally.

'Course, I could do without the evil twin siblings and lookalikes. Or the Passions-esque stories with border-line satirically bad gimmicks.

Samson9Crow: finally found more buttsex silverchair to download...
Samson9Crow: 'cept buttsex it's remote queued... damn...
starseiya: buttsex silverchair? how deliciously... random
Samson9Crow: nonono, I'm just buttsex throwing in subliminal messages buttsex somehow...
starseiya: mm... mufbuttsexfin
Samson9Crow: Oo, I baked honey buttsex muffins a while ago, except they tasted buttsex like oranges
starseiya: ah, ironically I had buttsexupawall orange juice from a leftover buttsex party in buttsexinacar English class
Samson9Crow: Huh, I just buttsexinapool stole cookies that buttsexinbed were hidden from us, from a meeting buttsexonthefloor they had the night buttsex before
Samson9Crow: Whoa, so much buttsex.
starseiya: we should probably stop
starseiya: so my lungs have a moment to breath properly
Samson9Crow: right-o

Tyler's funny. He enjoys injecting random things into conversations.

Mike's nice in a satirical way. He should stop looking at only white boys and girls.

Halley likes physical puzzles. He managed to get one of those Borders cd cages off of the cd, then put it back on.

Adam's definitely a Holden Caulfield. It's adorable.

John should stop acting gay. He's not, and it can get irritating... a bit adorable though.

Zitch better stop bothering Taylor, or I'll do something that he'll regret.

Justin and Randy have been slashed/paired together by rampant fangirls (we suspect them to be art majors) (oh, the shame!) who write fics and draw pictures of Justin being the submissive one. Funny stuff.

I think that's enough rambling for today.

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