The secret recipe for the perfect pale skin tone:
- 3 parts cadmium red medium hue
- 2 parts yellow ochre
- as much titanium white as needed
- mixture : ivory black/burnt umber ratio of 20:1 for shades

Took me three hours last night, but I think I can finally turn Karen's face into the appropriate skin tone. Before, she looked positively Pacific. (Ah, got to love the alliteration)

So, yesterday after cleaning for a couple of hours (still gonna clean throughout the week... ugh) the family went to church and then to the movies to catch 28 Days Later. The movie is excellent. Unlike most zombie movies, this one had a (somewhat gritty) sense of class. Not quite the exploration of the emotion rage, but the juxtaposition of human anger and that of the infected have profound similarities. Other pros of the movie: there was no big moral message at the end, the characters were by no means one-dimensional, gratuitous nudity of the good kind (male), and best of all: animal rights activists were the cause of the fall of British civilization.

Before the movie started they played the trailer for The Order. Need to go watch that movie. It's Heath Ledger as a priest. An ass-kicking priest. I'd say "let's all go watch it together!" but I know that you're not a big fan of horro flicks.

Back to the British thing. Sis didn't get the Lewis Carroll reference in the Academy Award winning animated short "The Chub Chubs." On the drive to the movies she proceeded to tell me the entire plot of the short (much to the chagrin of the parents) before I had to (bluntly) point out the parallels. Having a sibling with a Dory-esque memory is a pain.

Stopped by the mall to pick up my new glasses (Emporio Armani and uber-sexy) and I chatted with Patty, the lady who was fitting the glasses for me. She recognized me as my dad's son and we talked a bit 'bout the painting of mine that he has hanging in his office. Then she mentioned one of her co-workers that had graduated from LVA but put his teacher career aside because he got married and has kids now. At said moment, I look over her shoulder and witnessed said employee (looking very priestly in his all black wear sans roman collar) breaking out the Saturday Night Fever dance moves. We laughed.

Today's scheduel: cleaning, lunch, piano (have to memorize a song I should've been practicing all week), dinner, cleaning, painting, sleep. Technically the last two will be done tomorrow since I imagine that I won't get to those before midnight.


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