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That's weird. I'm surprised that anyone else still used that face since people (for some UNGODLY reason) enjoy the sideways emicons. Bah. I stare vacantly at them. -_-;;

Been getting postcards from Barto's romp 'round Europe with his German foreign-exchange peoples. From France he sent the requisite Eiffel Tower one (only available at the gift shop in the actual tower so people can say "Ha! See? I really did go (near) to the top!"). The one from England was a fine example of British humor: Prince William's head. Just his head, with the card in the shape of said head. I laughed.

And I should never ever try to be healthy again. This past week I've been waking up in the morning to go jogging/walking for half an hour to keep the blood pumping. Each time I stop at the top of the bridge overlooking the lake, I get bombarded by these pesky white flies. Well, today I took a closer look at a couple of them resting on the rail... and they're mosquitoes. Ew. I accidently inhaled a couple yesterday, too!

On a brighter side, the ducks and geese have grown accustomed to my presence. Joy. Now they only scurry away when I'm two feet away, instead of ten.

Finished the Harry Potter book sometime yesterday. Oh dear lord, the series is getting rather dark. That's a good thing. But I know many friends who will utterly hate the ending. Makes for nice angsty slash fics though.

Now... time to kill some... erm, time... on the OutMinds.com forums. Tah.

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