Today I had a grand total of... four Starbucks doubleshots. And right now I made myself a (rather bitter) cafe con leche with an equivalent amount of caffiene in it. That means only one thing...

Yes, ladies and gents. I've given in and become a Catholic.

... which is what I might say had I been a character in the movie Wilde, but no. Although... during dinner the family had fun discussing what I would do if I ever did become a priest.

"Father, forgive me for I have sinned. I have committed acts of masturbation several times since my last confession."
"Oh... well, be sure to clean up properly. We wouldn't want to leave any incriminating white spots like a certain former president, now would we?"

Seriously. But I have been overlooking my whole stance on faith and my views on religion ever since an unlikely friend has recently found Jesus (as cheesy as that sounds). Don't worry, I don't feel like becoming a wanton Baptist any time soon.

Nor do I want to really talk about it just now. Thus, the reason for all the caffiene I am about to imbibe...

I have a copy of the fifth book.

Speaking of religious, has anyone noticed how Catholic the treatment of the fifth Harry Potter book has been: the first copy arrives escorted into NYC (beginning procession in mass) and is placed in a secure, clear acrylic case (tabernacle) where everyone can see it and anticipate it's release but cannot go near it for fear of holy justice (reverence of the Host) and finally people wait in lines to recieve a copy of the well protected original (Communion).

As that one guy from the movie Priest said: "Are you Catholic? It takes one to know one."

Right. Back to the book. I still have 300 pages left before I can read some spoiler emails from my POWSN list.


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