Went and watched Down With Love again with friends. This time 'round, I got to bypass that messy thing called plot and basked in the sexy Ewan-ness. Sadly, Halley couldn't come since he has to have lunch with his mom since he's moving down to Long Beach to be with his boyfriend this Sunday. Sigh.

There goes my fun on friday nights.

And he's finally gotten over the entire thing that happened on Sunday night. Stupid cop. Public parks are made to be used after 11pm, idiot. Don't really care about the city-wide ordinances.

Spent about two hours cutting my own hair. Yep, I don't resemble a shaggy dog anymore... well, in the midst of cutting, I looked like one of the girls from TATU. Now I look like a member of the military who had his first buzzing about two months ago. Still not finished; there's this area of semi-long hair (the entire back area) which is threatening to make my hair look like a mullet.

Bah. I should have had it professionally cut.

And people are leaving tomorrow. Matt's heading off to politics camp (haha) and Halley's driving down to Long Beach to drop off more stuff at his apartment.

Man, I wish I had his courage. Then, if the situation ever came up, I could go Felicity and move to a new city just to be near the guy that I like. But I'm chicken shite, so that's not happening any time soon.

Applying the first layer of real skin tone on Karen's portrait. Right now, I haven't blended the lines along the lips (or given them their highlights) so her smile resembles a cut across her face. Yep, need to clean that one up.

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