Yeah, so I hear that Em is down in California and is wreaking havoc with Tyler and Aaron. What? And they didn't give me a ring? So not cool.

What is cool is that Christine went with sis and I to go watch Alex & Emma (yes, she's finally acting girlie, even though she can still pull off the butch-tanktop better than half the lesbians I know) and students of American history (specifically those taught by Kloster/Kraus) would appreciate all the little jokes. Funny stuff.

HAN and I agreed that the writing process (for a novel, anyways) was more or less like the movie. Sis, having no great interest in writing, just nodded.

"Ah, the ending was so romantic. That movie makes me believe in the power of... stenography. I want to learn it and turn it into a Naked Lunch-esque experience."

"Shut up, Chuck."

Afterwards we walked over to Barnes & Noble to snag a book or two. Christine got a Terry Pratchet book while I got a rather huge magazine (seriously, it's like two feet long) and sis got aching feet from all the walking.

There were Harry Potter fans everywhere waiting to get their books. I was tempted to come running after one of them screaming "FREAKS!!!" when I realized two things: 1) I would get attacked by a mob of angry housewives and 2) I'd be one of said freaks if I had the money and patience to wait around and get a copy. I'll wait until the dust has settled and the book is at Costco.

Oh, and don't bother watching the 60's version of Fahrenheit 451 (hey, spelled it right the first time). The movie completely butchers the book so that it lost most of the emotional impact and rhythm which the actual book possesses. What's worse, it's not as entertaining. And the old woman with the books, magazines, and the match looks positively demonic.

Was watching some Def Poetry on HBO (until it ended and Wilde came on) and I've decided that if I really wanted to be an activist, I'd have to learn how to perform the written and spoken word. Heh, and J. Fizzle was rather funny.

Karen's portrait is coming along nicely, but I had to cheat on the skin tone. She looks rather mediterranean... but at least it doesn't look like she's a festering corpse like the last time I tried painting her all pale-like.

Eh, it still looks like her. I think I'll try for the pale complextion again after the oil has dried. Had to drop it off on the fireplace tile since it's still keeping me up at night.

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