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Yay. Well, it's a bit inevitable that I got Emily since everyone is turning into Emily except for Emily. But yeah, people should make more quizzes with people that they know being the results.

Hmm... I think I'll do that myself. Hehehe...

In other news, Karen scares me. No, not the flesh and blood Karen; the freaky, perpetually staring-at-me Karen that I have drying in my room at the moment. I've reached the point in the painting process where the painting is starting to take a life of it's own. Which is fine (especially for something as personal as a portrait)...

But I couldn't sleep last night since everytime I looked over she was looking at me. It's like sleeping next to the Mona Lisa. Yeesh.

I finally gave up trying to sleep and played some Guilty Gear X2 instead. Heh, Tyler thinks that Bridget (the transvestite, yoyo-slinging and teddy bear throwing nun) is cute. Now I don't feel so dirty about thinking the same.

This morning I was going to act like Eisen for a bit and go jogging for three hours... ha. Ha ha. No. Fell asleep and didn't wake up until sis came knocking to borrow my cd player. I'll (try to) be healthy tomorrow.

I need to start swimming again. Like the Duck does. And yes, I can so identify with the whole pants thing... except that they're sis' pants, not mine.

Which is excessively weird now that I think about it, but it's past noon, I haven't had anything to eat except for seven glasses of iced tea (yum), Halley is discussing the merits of Shinobu's backseat, and my head is doing pirouettes.


Oh, and I'm listening to music from the summer of 2001 when I was a member of a band. Ah, the (somewhat) painful memories of old. And Mark attempting to sing on key, but his ecstacy-butchered brain couldn't cut it.

But it could be worse. Earlier today I was acting like a girl and listening to my old Jewel cd. Oh Jewel, why did you have to go Mariah Carey? Why?

Oh, and one art assignment down... nine more to go. Sure, it'll only take me about five hours for each piece. Now I need to decide what subject matter I should do. Yeesh.
Decisions, decisions. There's always decisions.

Heh, grandma thinks that I'm going anorexic. Just because I don't eat her cooking doesn't mean that I'm going for the skeleton look--I just don't like her cooking. Which is why, for the past week, I've been at the stove whipping something edible up at 11:00pm.

Speaking of skeleton (or twig to be more precise) I learned one too many things about Nikki's ex-boyfriend (now a friend with frequent benefits) Cody. 'Course, they're not all BAD things, but I don't feel like going after another bi boy for a while.

Heh, silly Quixote.

Erm, time to stop rambling, huh?

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