Hello again.

So, I'm really rather sick, and for some reason I smell like myrrh whenever I get that whole sweat-out-the-fever look. ::shudder:: Then again, I could use this illness to my advantage. I could waste away a few pounds, but I think the 'rents (with their med school degrees) would catch on to my AIDS-victim style diet.

Speaking of, apparently Filipinos are the top ranked HIV carriers of other Asia Pacific Islanders in San Francisco. Heart disease is the number one killer of filipinos in the bay area, with AIDS being a close second. And on the topic of heart disease...
With [Isabel] Roces leading the way, Peta (pronounced "PEE-tah") wants you to dump the meat and start eating your pinakbet!

The group has had success using famous models to plug its cause. But frankly, naked models protesting fur doesn't make it in the tropical climates of the Philippines. Too bad. But a sexy woman wearing lettuce leaves is a nice alternative...

Filipinos with our love of patis, bagoong and other salty foods are prone to hypertension. Add to that the high-fat content of meat and you have the perfect recipe... for heart disease.

- Emil Guillermo, from the Philippine News
Tried going vegetarian once, but it only lasted a summer. And really, it was a ploy to keep from eating grandma's excessive amounts of food. But still, asking a pinoy to give up his lechon and menudo is just... sacrelige.

It's like asians going on the no-carb diet and completely forsaking their lifeblood: rice. ...What? Utterly impossible.
And now to down another pitcher of water. Being sick sucks.

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